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Elder from silk grass

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looking back at his background there are many things that changed. as the years went by his age changed…he is 49 years old. He said that the type of work he did in the past was mainly farming; planting corn, cassava, plantain and fishing along with a little hunting. He never had a chance to attend school for they never had school before..only in a far village but he was yet unable as it was far for him and he never had it good financially. So for him the type of work has changed as he looks at the present he sees many of his maya people working at resorts and getting hire education, going to university. Another that has changed for him is the dressing code, before it was plain long sleeve shirt with long pants but now many are dressing as the others, to say, with the latest clothes and brands. Females are also loosing their dressing code. At first they had their own clothes been sewed by them, now, they are buying clothes from the market places and dressing as the other females being in competition with fashion.Therefore, their culture has been changing a lot. And this is the same with the music and fun games they are doing and listening.