elders have much to talk about
elders have much to talk about2
elders have much to talk about3
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elders have much to talk about6

Today I bring forth a legacy; to Benque Viejo, the Cayo district and even the Country of Belize. There are many activists, but Mrs. Elvira Duarte of age 78 is an outstanding elder who in the past did beyond expectations and continues to do so for her community. To begin with, as soon as she graduated from Primary school, she was offered to work at the 4-H Development and formed the Benque Viejo 4-H Club. In this period she taught young people many agricultural skills and many other manual skills. Due to her commitment, in 1961; she was offered to a Scholarship to Costa Rica where she broadened her knowledge and skills in arts and agriculture. She returned that same year to find that a disastrous hurricane had devastated many people. She immediately reported her service to help the people in need. She was later transferred to Corozal and Orange Walk district where she helped rural areas in training them with agricultural skills, manual techniques and having workshops with them to help them earn some extra money. She did this for 7 years and then retired to return to Benque Viejo. Unfortunately, after a few years her husband passed away and was left widowed with 3 children. This did not stop her from continuing with her work. She applied to work as a Home Economic Officer where she was admitted the position despite her of her Primary School Education only. She was retired after 13 years but her work did not finished yet, since she started to motivate illiterate people teaching them manual skills like weaving, embroidery, sewing, painting, abilities in agriculture and started to assist many sick people. Through her the Help Age Centre was established and attained gaining many grants so that the elderly could have their own place. She is the former president of the centre but is still active assists anyone who needs her help.