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How We Use Bamboo in Belize

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Hello friends!! This week I will be talking about a plant called Bamboo. This plant is one of the most used in the village to construct or build houses. They can be found in the warm climates and with lots of humidity, basically at the side or beside a sweet lake and rivers. They can reach only to 60 feet long. These bamboos are used to build some fresh houses so you can rest in them. These houses can resist the same thing as the cabanas with the Cohune leaves from 5 to 7 years. After those years, you need to change that Bamboo. These plants are also used to put a hook at the top and tied it and then you can cut oranges with it. Also in the country of China, the Chinese eat this plant. Also in all typical restaurants and the tourist places the fences are made with Bamboo. The majority of the Maya people use this plant to do hand crafts. This is all for today my friends and have a lucky day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!