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Marimba; The Soul of Benque!

Marimba; The Soul of Benque
Marimba; The Soul of Benque2
Marimba; The Soul of Benque3
Marimba; The Soul of Benque4
Marimba; The Soul of Benque5
Marimba; The Soul of Benque6

Marimba, Benque Viejo’s most resonant cultural trait; made Ernesto Alberto Aldana (known as Don Beto), one the most recognized Marimba musicians of this present time. At age 10 he would linger about to see how adults played marimba. As of that age he was deeply attracted to marimba and desired to learn every aspect of its music. He had an enormous self-motivation and soon learnt to play. His first admission to the ‘older folks’ of the marimba was when he was 14. When the folks allowed him to perform with them for the first time, Don Beto was entirely confident and had a glorious night performance, since back then people responded gratefully to the marimba music. His performance was at the famous ‘Club Victoria’ which at that time got overloaded with people for the dance. Don Beto, in his time traveled abroad and locally to play marimba and exhibit his talent. His most glorious memory was when he went to Chiapas, Mexico and received wide recognition’s and appreciations. Despite his years of struggle in conserving the marimba heritage, trying to teach youngsters; mostly what he got was a few students.Today Don Beto expresses a great happiness for what he does by teaching his knowledge in music to young people in a newly established Marimba Project, funded by Benque House of Culture. Today, his joy is that now he has a large number of youngsters willing to learn. He is more than glad that through his marimba academy he is recognized as a teacher.