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Mr. Antolino Pop
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I met Mr. Antolino at the bus stop like all the other elders in the village he was also born in San Antonio Village he first came here to Maya Center when he was 25 years old. He started off by saying that life back then was better because, “the prices of the things back then were low, for example rice were 15 cents a pound now its 3 dollars” he said. “i first came here when my parents and all of my family moved, they were the one’s that moved first and started to tell me to come here”, he said, “plus in my village back then it was hard to make a farm because the people got all the good grounds, i had a farm but it was far from where i lived, i had to walk 7 miles to get there an i could not go home like i wanted to because it was too far for me, so i had to camp there for the night” he continued. “For example if i leave on Thursday i would go home until saturday” he said, “but here it was not far so i could go home whenever i wanted”. “It was great here because when i needed firewood i would not have to gp far to get it and in my village they would disturb you and steal from your farm, but here i was very peacefull and it still is”. I asked him if life would get any better, “no”, he said, “i think i will not get better because all of us just want money especially the politicians, they promise us change but it never happens, they all want power and are greedy for money, until that can change the world be a better place, but i don’t see how that is possible” he concluded.