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Summary of the Interview

During the first week of February , I interviewed Mr.Fracisco Tush who is known as my grandfather. He isthe founder of Sunday Wood Village. He is born on 16
of April, 1942. He is born in Guatemala but hegrew up as a man in Belize and today he is a citizen of Belize. He first lived Otoxha Village then migratedto San Lucas Village. From there he use to hunt for wild animals for food and meat. He then discovered aland from the east of Toledo that is now Sunday Wood Village. After discovering the goodness of theland and the soil , he then went to the Prime Minister of Belize who is the past prime minister,Hon.George Cadle Price.

He then began to speak and ask for the land. Yet his voice was not heard, he did not gave up but wentforward and gained victory for forming a new village. Today he is living happily with his family with histwelve children which two have past away. As arriving in the new village, Mr. Francisco Tush use to rearpigs and chickens, that , they sell for earning money for their living. They had to travel miles to sell theirpigs and chickem. From Sunday Wood to Laguna Village.

As a strong Maya person, Mr.Tush use to play hard which he now today cant play and hont have. Duringhis younger age his family use to dance harp especially on special occasion. Like for weddings, baptism,
birthday parties and Christmas celebrations. Today he don’t dance and play harp because of his old age
and because of his Christianity faith. Miss Petrona Tush his wife use to do arts like making cotton bagsthat is now in Kekchi as coxtal. She use to make jippijapa basket and table cloth which she now cannotmake because of her old age. She use grinding stone to grind corn for corn tortillas because at theirtime, no corn mill was at present.

During their time they use to burn incense to their god that is a carved image but today as Mr.Francisco
stated that he don’t do those kind of attitude now because of his chang
ing faith. Today Mr.FranciscoTush and his wife Mrs. Petrona Tush as a farming person they are very sensitive to their work and canrelate stories of their early childhood and their early life in old days