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Martha Cal
Crique Sarco Village
Well basically I had interview with an old man in my village name by the name of Mr. Pedro Bo, he livesin a humble home which is known a thatch house (made of Palm) in the village near a little creek fromwhich the name Crique Sarco was formulated. He was born in 1928, he is now 85 years old. He and hiswife are presently living together. They were one of the first people to settle this village along with otherthree families. Now he is very old, he has lived in Crique Sarco for a long time and he is the eldestmember living in this village. He is very kind, respectful and a helping old man. As a young man his workis basically farming growing corn and beans and rearing chickens and pigs which is his way of living untilpresent along with his beloved wife.Questions:1.)

Do you know when this village of Crique Sarco was established?This village was established by Mr. Sabastian Tush in the year 1903. It has 4 family only and they werethe one that populated the village.2.)

How did this village receive its name?This village received its name from a creek that was so beautiful which had beautiful rocks inside of itfrom which the name Crique Sarco was derived.3.)

When were you born, and what is your way of living?The old man was born 1928 and he is 85 years old. He grew up with his parents doing mostly agriculturealong with is family members.