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5th March, 2013
Summary of an Interview of Mr. Pedro Tush
During the third week I interviewed Mr. Pedro Tush. He is one of the founder of Sunday Wood Village. Mr. Pedro is my father’s uncle. Mr. Francisco Tush and Mr. Pedro Tush are brothers, Mr. Pedro Tush was born on July 24th, 1930, and he is now 83 years old. Today Mr. Pedro Tush is living with his wife Mrs. Dolores Tush. Mr. Pedro Tush is a farmer for all his life.
Mr. Pedro Tush use to rear pigs and chickens that they sold to gain income for their household. They would walk for miles to the village of San Antonio. They would rear pigs in large amounts. As a farmer, Mr. Pedro Tush use to cultivate crops such as corn, beans and rice in large amounts, he would walk long miles to his old village of San Lucas to sell his crops and animals.
As time passed he used to pass through forested areas where Sunday Wood is now located at present after which he along with his brother came to settle the area now known as Sunday Wood today.
Some activities that Mr. Tush would do during his younger age was to dance the harp which is a musical instrument that the Mayas would use to entertain themselves during celebrations, such as planting time, harvesting, marriages and Christmas. In the Maya tradition they would worship idols such as monuments made of stone, but because of the loss of tradition this is no longer performed. These traditions are no longer performed by the elders of Sunday Wood. In regards to Mrs. Dolores Tush during their time Marimba which is also a musical instrument was not present in their village but in these recent times marimba is a contemporary instrument and very common in her village hence very popular in today’s celebrations mentioned above.
In today date Mr. Pedro Tush is still a farmer along with his wife living in their village with their nine children. His life goal is to strive for a better living but with his debilitating age would not accomplish his goal. He continues to live as a proud Maya kekchi and still remembers his youthful days when he mentions of the stories he has to pass on to his children.