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My Family Sacrifice

My Family Sacrifice
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Hi! This evening i will be talking about my house. Well i will begin to say that my dad began to construct my house since at the age of 24 years, only by hiself with absolutely no help. At the age of 33 years when he got married with my mom, but before he married he had stop to construct the house for many years. They began to construct again in october of the last year and my parents will try to have it done by june. Well my house is made the half of stone and the next half of block. We are making our house like that so it can be strong enough so when a hurricane comes will not destroy it. It is structuered 20 by 35 with 3 dormitories, kitchen and the hall. The blessings is that my parents can do this kind of job and so that they don’t have to pay others to do it.. Sometimes they come from working and very tired they work in the house for almost to midnight or even one or two in the morning. Although sometimes instead of buying other things we buy things that we need to continue building the house and sometimes we stay without money in our pockets .Even myself i go to highschool with not even a 25cents in my pocket. One thing i can really tell you is that if you want something you need to sacrifice because for every single thing in this world there is a sacrifice. I will left you with this in your minds and have a fine evening.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!