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Hi my name is Karen Lopez.This person that i interview is a friendly person.Her name is Beatris Figueroa and she is 63 years old , she now is living in this country name Belize, in the cayo district in a village name Saint Margret. She was in 16th March,19050 at Guatemala at Puerto San Jose.When she was growing she didn’t went to school and her work was to do salt out of the sea beach along with her daddy and her brothes and sisters .She also was a fishing young lady.She was always there fishing lobsters and fish.Last 25 years she came from Guatemala to our country Belize with her husband Lucio Herrera and 3 of her sons.While the time pass she had 14 sons but 4 of them die and 10 are alive.While the time passed she works on cutting down oranges for 2 months and then she stop.After this 2 months she dedicates herself to do domestic work and to take care of dogs, chickens,cats and of course she takes care of her sons and daughters.Beatris has the art of doing some beautiful and delicious tortillas.This is what i interview of Beatris Figueroa.Bye until the next week