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The citrus in our country

The citrus in our country
The citrus in our country2
The citrus in our country3
The citrus in our country4
The citrus in our country5

Hi friends how are you all doing today? This plant that i will be talking about is called the orange tree. As you know this plant has fruit that contains a lot of vitamin c. There are a lot of types but i only remember four of them. They are passing ground,washington,valencia and early. Valencia fruit is the most juicy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This plant is one of the most common and is one of the most grown in this south side of the country. That’s the reason we have two factories in this area. One of them is called CPBLwhich means Citrus Products of Belize Limited. First they cutt the fruit and put them in sacks. After all that has happened they take all that citrus and put them on a big trailer rom the farm to the factories.And that is how we have our delicious juices from this plant.MMMMMM THIS TASTE DELICIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. My dad loves the orange fruit. Can’t you tell??