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The Many Uses of Cohune

The Many Uses of Cohune
The Many Uses of Cohune2
The Many Uses of Cohune3
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The Many Uses of Cohune5

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this week I will be talking about the Cohune Plant. This plant can be found in the warm climate and in the low places with lots of humidity. They can reach all the way to 80 and more feet. This plant can live for many years. The leaves of this plant is used to build beautiful, nice, and fresh cabanas so you can rest in it. This cabanas can resist for 5 to 7 years. After these years you need to change the leaves again. The fruit of this plant can be used to take out the oil that is in it and you can put it to yourself so that the mosquitoes do not molest you and your family. This has been a tradition since the Maya culture was first here. The majority of the Hispanic people eat the heart of the Cohune plant which can be found at the top of the trunk just below the Cohune leaves. You bake the heart and it will come out tasting delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It tastes a lot like cabbage. OK friends until next week goodbye and God bless you!!!!!!!!!!