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Hi! How are you all doing this week.!!! This old man is a friendly man once you begin to talk with him. Well his name is Florentin Arriaga and he is 79 years old. He was born in july 28,1920 in the Corralito Guatemala. He only went to primary for 16 days because he didn’t like to go to school . While he was growing he was to do pastuering of beasts. In the year 1987 he came to the village in our country Belize. When he came to this village there was almost al bush and not to many houses only about 8 houses. They could easily go and catch any kind of animal between this small village because there were only bush. There was no electricity. He has known 10 years of living here. He said that in 2001 they put the electricity and also began to put pipes in every house. Know it has increase in population , well of course it also has increase in houses. Know in days there are more houses and less bush. In past years there was only walkways and no roads but know there are more roads and less walkways. He married at the age of 52 but before he was married he already had his daugthers and sons. His wife was 45 years when she married and her name is Bonifasia Arriaga. When he was an adult he like to do agriculture but so he can get some money he went to the forest and get some logwood and he selled them. This is what i made and have a good day and may my powerful God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!